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  • 48 hours

    in Manisa

    First day 

    Manisa is a city offering historical and natural beauties as well as many activities. In Manisa, where the settlement is very old, there are historical artifacts bearing the architectural characteristics of different civilizations. Exploring the city's long-established culture and natural beauties is among the first things to do. Sardes, Alaşehir (Philadelphia) and Aigai ancient cities must be seen. If you love nature, you should visit Spil Mountain, which is close to the city centre and has magnificently pure air. You may also find world famous Manisa Tulips in there. Before dinner, make a quick tour in the city centre to taste Mesir Macunu and buy some handicrafts. Crafts made with felt, folkloric baby doll, folkloric jewellery, lace, copper objects and Manisa carpets and rugs would also be a memorable souvenir.

    Second day

    In order to dive into history, go to Salihli Gökeyüp Village and discover the ancient homes spirit. In Salihli, it is also possible to see the handmade terra cotta and ceramic goods. Then head off to Kula to explore Kula Volcanic Region. The magnificent area fascinates the visitors with its natural beauty. It is also possible to see fairy chimneys in Kula which is one of the youngest volcanic fields in Türkiye: tectonically a very active region. The geopark features a large lava plateau, lava caves and basalt columns. On the way back, stop by Kula to admire its splendid historical houses and well-capt urban fabric.