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    The most famous piece of Manisa cuisine is undoubtedly Manisa Kebab. The kebab’s secret is the beef and lamb mixture flavoured with onion and sumac.

    Another unique Manisa food which is made only from lamb, is Kuzu Gerdan Dolması (stuffed neck of lamb).

    Another flavour to taste would be the bread stuffed with ground meat and spices called Ekmek Dolması. 

    Sinkonta, the oven baked pumpkin with onions and tomatoes and Höşmerim, delicious dessert made of unsalted goat cheese are other famous specialties from Manisa. A lot of sugar is sprinkled on a pide (a traditional bakery like pita) that came right out of the oven and served after it cools down; this specialty is called Kula Şekerli Pidesi.

    Alaşehir Kapaması is a kind of fried dumplings served in broth and butter.

    Mesir Macunu (a paste consisting of 41 kinds of herbs and spices) is another traditional savour from Manisa cuisine. It is believed it has healing qualities. 

    Thanks to its fertile soil, Manisa is also known by the quality of its fruits and vegetables. Aegean Sultana Grape is one of the most famous fruits of the region. It is sweeter and more elliptical than other grapes.

    Kırkağaç melon, cultivated in Kırkağaç District for 600 years, is the only melon in Türkiye that is registered as geographical indication.

    Akhisar simit ekmeği (bagel bread),  cevizli lokum (walnuts dipped in grape molasses), Akhisar katmeri (flannel-cake), kabartma  (a kind of patty), sura (lamb shoulder or rack stuffed with herbs and rice), tavşan çullama (rabbit fritters), ateş pidesi (pita on iron plate), şevket-i bostan (holy thistle with shallots and lamb), Kula güveci (lamb stew in casserole), stuffed courgette blossoms, gelincik böreği (poppy leaves pastry), Cevizli Kulak (walnut raviolis), bakla dizmesi (horse beans in olive oil), tripe soup with chickpeas, hanımgöbeği (literally “lady’s navel”, deep fried choux in syrup), olives and olive oil from Akhisar, shambali (semolina cakes in syrup) from Turgutlu are other tastes to discover.

    Manisa region has been a land of wine production and wine making has been an endeavour since antiquity. Yet, modern day producers elevated it even more trying different varieties to benefit the volcanic terroir and moderate climate.