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    Manisa Flannel

    For many years, Manisa’s famous cotton flannel is used for flannel women’s dresses, bedspreads, blankets, şalvar’s (traditional baggy trousers).

    Snow at Spil Mountain

    Spil Mountain ski centre gives visitors the chance to touch the snow and feel the winter. There are modest bungalows for those who need lodging to spend the night.

    Kula-Salihli Geopark (UNESCO)

    From Palaeozoic metamorphic rocks to prehistoric volcanic eruptions, Kula Geopark constitutes a source for more than 200 million years of the history of the World. Walk amongst volcanic rocks, touch the soil to understand the complexity of the Planet Earth.

    Thousand years of marble

    Marble is one of the oldest and most beautiful metamorphic rocks: It is formed as a result of limestone being subjected to an immense amount of pressure for a long time. Greeks and Romans chose marble for their structures in the ancient times. Touch the marble surfaces on archaeological sites to feel the power of history.

    The touch of world-famous Demirci Carpets and Historical Gördes Rugs

    Anatolian women used high-quality natural materials like madder, wool and silk to weave rugs, and illustrated daily life with regional and local motifs that came to life through their creativity. Look under the bonnet and admire world-renowned Demirci and Gördes rugs.

    Yörük Tents 

    Yörük Tent is a tent with superior features as it served as a house to nomadic Turkish people. It is manufactured with woven Tibet cloth. Touch it to enter the world of nomadic Turks.

    Stone Houses in Yuntdağı Villages 

    The stone houses in the villages of Yuntdağı are also local examples of Ottoman architecture.

    Historical houses in Salihli Gökeyüp Village 

    Salihli Gökeyüp Village keeps the memories of the past alive with its old houses, whose walls are very neatly built with gneiss slabs, and narrow streets with stone paved walls.

    Earthenware Pottery made of Volcanic Soil

    Twelve thousand-year-old gneiss rocks are mixed into pottery clay to make this special casserole pot.